This blog began one Sunday morning, when I realized I had developed an unsavory addiction. Earlier that day, I had been booted from yet another political Facebook group, likely because of my inability to know when to shut up. At first, I found the situation humorous. I thought I was the hero in this situation; the open-minded AnCap who joins a group of mostly statist liberals to see what the other side has to say. I thought it ironic that I was ejected for my opinions by people who claimed to be accepting. That was until I realized my diagnosis of the situation lacked self-awareness.

I wasn’t the tolerant one. I wasn’t listening to them at all. As soon as I saw an opposing point of view, I let my confrontational nature take over, and only proved to these people that their opposition was indeed as stubborn and irrational as they had thought, and as soon as I did, I became the strawman I sought to avoid. Arguing with these people did no one any good. They weren’t about to change their opinions because some stranger told them they were wrong, and neither was I.

I also realized that my addiction to arguing with people on social media contradicted my very principles. As someone who promotes voluntary association, should I really be trying to convince people of my ideas with snarky comments and  vaguely-related Murray Rothbard quotes that no one asked for? Here I was, justifying what could be considered ideological statism: forcing my opinions on others and claiming it was fine because they were wrong. It was the internet equivalent of picketing on someone’s front lawn.

Therefore, I elected to get off other people’s lawns, and stick to my own, where I could trim the grass and hedges in whatever way I pleased, and there would be absolutely no roads, because that would be inherently statist. This site was born out of that idea. So I give you my formal welcome to my corner of the internet, where I share my defenses of voluntaryism, anarchism, and capitalism, and give my commentary on the world today.

You’re welcome to leave, but good luck finding the road out. 😉